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Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools

We are manufacturers and exportes of a designer Stainless Steel items that are made from high quality stainless steel. we also do custome design development and as per the customer requirement we make there products with there name and packaging

    Wooden Handle Long Skimmer, Laddle S.S. Handle & Skimmer

    Item Code: SVM - 102001

    Model Item Name Size (Face) Length
    A Wooden Handle Long Skimmer 27.5 cm
    Wooden Handle Length : 51 cm
    61 cm
    B Laddle S.S. Handle 13.5 cm 44 cm
    C Skimmer 15 cm 51 cm

    7 Pcs Set Pipe Handle Spoon (Black)

    Item Code: SVM - 102002

    Size : 33 cm

    Model Item Name
    A Laddle
    B Fork
    C Skimmer
    D Turner Slotted
    E Pan Slotted
    F Pan Solid
    G Hanger

    Glass Spoons

    Item Code: SVM - 102008

    Model Item Name Size (Length)
    A Skimmer Slotted 34.2 cm
    B Palta 32.2 cm
    C Skimmer Performated 34.2 cm
    D Laddle 33.7 cm
    E Oval 33.7 cm
    F Pan 35 cm

    American Spoons (Ribbed)

    Item Code: SVM - 102009

    Model Item Name Size (Length)
    A Pan Performated 28, 33, 38, 45 cm
    B Turner Slotted 33 cm
    C Skimmer 33 cm
    D Pan Slotted 28, 33, 38, 45 cm
    E Laddle 33 cm
    F Pan Solid 28, 33, 38, 45 cm
    G Fork 33 cm


    Mexican (Small)

    Item Code: SVM - 102010

    Model Item Name Size (Length)
    A Multy 26 cm
    B Rice 24 cm
    C Pan 27.5 cm
    D Oval 26 cm
    E Pan Slotted 27 cm
    F Skimmer 26.7 cm
    G Palta 26 cm
    H Laddle (L-Shape) 25 cm
    I Laddle 25 cm


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